S/S 14


“The Freakafoo” is a conceptual capsule collection inspire on deformation and oddities of the human body. As primary research influences, the plastination process lead me think about the binary opposites Inside/ Outside and the idea of garment layering. Looking into deformities, the movement of seams reflects the dislocation and displacement of certain parts of the body. The conjoined bodies play an important role in this collection in terms of pattern cutting methods and digital printing or embellishment. Surface manipulation is a key feature.


‘The Freakafoo” is about constructing silhouettes and the secret is in the shaping. Bunched and draped dresses across the body, oversized coats and the importance of detail and surface built the collection. Accidentally juxtaposition of foundation shapes and draped garments is a key feature. Displacement of seams plays an important role as well.




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